We are in the process of making the schedules and will be making 100's of changes.  The schedules will not be valid till Tue 2/19 after 6pm for the adults and Wed 3/13 for the kids.  We always work very hard to meet all of your scheduling needs but we cannot guarantee them.  Please be mindful that half of the playing slots are on the weekend and not all can play Mon-Fri.  Thank you for your understanding.


                                                    Kids Spring Season = 8 Games = $100

SPRING Season                          Draft Dates 5-6pm

Registration starts:  1/25 Fri            Juniors 14-17 Tue 3/12

Kids Reg. Ends:  3/10 Sun               Youth 10-13 Mon 3/11

Adult Reg. Ends:  2/13 Wed              Midget 7-9 Mon 3/11

Online Schedules:  TUE 2/19 after 6pm     Kids Schedules Due: 3/13 after 6pm

 Adult Season Starts:  2/22 Fri            Kids Season Starts:  3/23 Sat                                                                                                                         

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Deck Hockey   $114  1st payment is $64 at the 1st game.
Roller Hockey $124  1st payment is $64 at the 1st game.