FALL Season                          

SCHEDULES DUE:  WED 8/14 (after 6pm)   Schedules will be started 8/8 and will not be valid till after 6pm on Wed. 8/14.  We will be/are in the process of making 100's of changes to all the schedules up until this time.  Remember, all restrictions given to us is not a promise, however we do our best to accommodate them.  Also remember that we have more weekend slots then we have weekday slots and with over 100 teams to schedule many games have to be played on the weekends.                   


Online Schedules:  WED 8/14 after 6pm   Kids Schedules Due: 8/14 after 6pm

 Adult Season Starts:  8/20 Tue          Kids Season Starts:  8/24 Sat.             


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Deck Hockey   $114  1st payment is $64 at the 1st game.
Roller Hockey $124  1st payment is $64 at the 1st game.